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1972 VW Fastback Owner:Geoff (Australia)

This is an arctic white all original car. apart from the wheels.
He is the second owner since new, the original owner crashed the car in the rear,
and he has since repaired it. Very nice late model!!!

1969 VW 1600 Notchback Owner:Sven (Belgium)

The owner has had this car for 10 years, and it had a total resto 6 years ago.
Total dechroming, original 914 wheels, dropped front, exhaust (turbo muffler),
1835cc type 1 engine with porsche cooling, grant steeringwheel, autometer tacho,
interior is still original color from 1969.
Very cool standard model!!!

1966 VW 1600 Notchback Owner:Robin (Belgium)

Various value was given to this notchback by the owner!
It is a new interior, porsche 924 rims, vw golf 1 headlights,
and the engine is completely cleaned made with chromed parts.
Still more there is a special sign on front hood.
The name is "VW No worries"!!!

1963 VW 1500 Notchback Owner:Dale (USA)

Anthracite Notchback
Fairly stock car with lots of potential.
1500 pancake motor, Lowered in the front one inch.
Looking to make this car a daily driver with sleeper instincts.

1965 VW 1500S Notchback Owner:Allan (Denmark)

Very beautiful car! It is called "PURPLE DREAM"
The car is totality rebuild in 1991 and was use for show only,
the disks brake from 1966 1600TL and the back end is with IRS from 1973 1303
and original 1500S engine.
all the steering and suspension parts in the front and rear is all chrome,
and the paint job took about 12 layers
included primer, color, and the clear coating.

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