It is a type 3 world.

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1968 Notchback Owner:chris (New Zealand)

Australian assembled type3
Full restoration.
2.0 liter type 4 engine.
Perfect show car!!!

1964 1500S Notchback Owner:Nacho (Spain)

It's a 100% original seasand 1500S.
Very beautiful car, He is lucky owner!!!

1966? Variant Owner:Jerome and friend (France)

It enjoys restoration work with the friends now.
This is really nice photo!!!

1968 Notchback Owner:Anthony (Australia)

Front "Australian" aluminum mesh sun visor
Interior perspex sun visors, Rear vent shades
Combination mirror/spot light
Clear rear tail light lenses, Beauty trims on wheels
Trip speedometer, F & R Lowered
Others, many accessories, It is very very cool car!!!

1962 Notchback Owner:Paul (England)

T3D rat look race notch.
It is great looks!!!

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