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1963 VW 1500S Notchback Owner:Eko (Indonesia)

Rebuilt the engine in 1993, repaired the braking system,
and the perfect body work as well.
Very clean early 1500S!!!
Type 3 Indonesia

1965 VW 1500S Notchback Owner:Wim (Belgium)

This notch has only covered 60000km, the interior is completly stock,
except for the Gene Berg shifter, Simpson belts and steering wheel, and is in very good condition.
The front brakes are changed for disk-brakes from CSP, the wheels are repro BRM's
(4.5" with 135 tires front and 5.5" with 195/70 R15 tires rear).
To fit the rear wheel combination I fitted short beetle axles to the stock transmission.
The engine is the original 1500 with double carburetors as standard fitted to the 1500S.
The exhaust is also from CSP.

1967 VW 1600 Fastback
1964 type 34 karmann ghia Owner: (France)

He is the owner of this two car.
Perfect two tone ghia! Similarly, becomes perfect fastback!
Great French Enthusiast!!!

1964 VW 1500S Squareback Owner:Russell (USA)

64 sea blue squareback from california.
Good color and many accessories are very cool!!!

1964 VW 1500S Notchback Owner:Shawn (England)

99% rust free and still wears it's original paint.
Black & Birch green very nice 2 tone color!!
Only two previous owners and only 51000 km!!
Changed lowering, wheels, indicators & exhaust.

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